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    From the person who only allows positive, glowing comments on your blog you sure can talk well, Bob.

  10. I have been going through some challenging times lately. I have an attraction towards long legs. Do not ask me why. Yesterday I went to see Sumatra Tigers at a Park and today walking in a populated area near a lagoon after seeing a bunch of white birds at a distance fly back and forth I saw a coyote run in front of me from a golf area across a street to another bushed area before the next golf area. Yes it did look at me. I feel guilty as I told the people at the resort about it and hope it’s smart enough not to get caught. Then I looked this up. Amazing to think of an animal being a spirit that is watching over me and yes I could do with some nice surprises soon.

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  12. page 29 says:

    Brad, don’t let this get you down. They give you flak because you’re honest and you tell it like it is. Everyone who ever does gets crap. Howard Stern and The Ramones, for examples, went through all kinds of mudslinging and hate campaigns against them because they dared to challenge bull$#!. You’ve helped me immensely and you’ll always have my support.

  13. I have read all of the blog posts under discussion here. Though I have to say I mostly side with Mr. Warner on this blog battle, no one involved comes across better for having gone through it.

  14. i live with my partiner almost five years both of us we went for test, she was tested hiv positive and i was tested negative when went back after two months it was the same. Than im not understanding this at all?

  15. page 60 says:

    I’m HIV positive and my husband is negative. We need a child and im scared to infect my him. I am on antiretroviral treatment. Please help.

  16. page 64 says:

    I totally agree. Massive landslide in the making. After the tragedy doon pa lang magigising and then blame game then congressional hearings.

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  18. sorry but that letter just sounds like it’s full of excuses. It’s a good thing that someone finally gets our emotions stirred because there is truth in it. As the cliche saying goes, you have to be cruel to be kind. Hopefully everyone sees the light in the midst of all this negative publicity for our Government.

  19. 52q says:

    In my dreams, my lion is white or invisible, and I call him The Professor as he sometimes shape-shifts. He is never scary or threatening, instead, he is my protector and teacher. He often asks me questions, sphinx-like, to guide me in the direction I should go or help me find the answers I’m seeking.

  20. Leonardkab says:

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  21. vh says:

    I dreamt of a dark horse Riding through town freely. In the next scene a man with dark long hair came riding through town on the same horse. They were riding powerfully and so fast they were almost flying. I was told it was the mans birthday and that was why he was riding the horse.

  22. 6ny says:

    i am on my arv can i take Nutricom as well?

  23. Great look, love the printed top!

  24. A different world is right, but not a bad and very interesting too.

  25. page 59 says:

    Hi, I found out I’m hiv+ early this year when I was pregnant. I checked my CD4 count again two months after I gave birth and it was 896, is it ok to take Atroiza?

  26. 645 says:

    Hi. I’m HIV positive my CD4 count is 939 i found out in July 2014. I have been taking vitams since i found out i was positive but this month they also gave me nucotrim to take two tablets ones a day. They gave packets for four months. I want know is it ok to drink nucotrim for that long or will i be exceeding the limit.

  27. Follow what you believe in your heart is your spirit animal, not what an online quiz tells you.

  28. page 59 says:

    Amazing outfit, you look gorgeous!!

  29. page 19 says:

    I would like to know if tribuss have an effect on hearing loss?

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  32. Doctor, it is my first time taking atrozia. Is it OK for me to vomit that much, is this 1 of side effect?

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  36. Hi, i started using Tribuss after giving birth but i have side effects since first week until now and im worried about it pls help me.

  37. hi – I am sorry but I don’t understand your comment. Please could you look at it again or try to explain in different words.

  38. Thank you for asking, we will be announcing the entertainment line-up very soon and will be notified by email for those who subscribe.

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  40. it is so hard to find that you are hiv positive and sometimes it feels like the end of the world but we just have to hang in day and live our life carefully because simelwe wukufa.

  41. these are all true if the animals are being different each time it means that ur thoughts are not accurate think and then choose and see the magic this quiz does.

  42. My boyfreind is hiv postive and we have nine month now dating so im scared to go and test please help me.

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    I think MJ was too sexy to be Miss Universe. It doesn’t matter what gown you put on her when she wears her bikini, OMG!

  44. e2hu.html says:

    Do genital warts or warts in general, have anything to do with HIV? I’ve been on Tribuss for 8 months. I have warts on my vagina and fingers. They started on my vagina a few weeks ago.

  45. i don’t think that a spirit animal can be a not real animal. Also, why do you think your spirit animal is a unicorn? Remember that a spirit animal chooses you. You don’t choose who you want as a spirit animal.

  46. Hi guys. If im taking Atroiza is it ok to also take Tribuss?

  47. l14n.html says:

    “Why is all the Zen interaction on the web seemingly about how everyone else is wrong and an idiot and doesn?t get ?it? (just read the comments sections here and on sweeping zen for numerous examples)?”

  48. Sindi 11 pm is late dear, the earlier you take the better as it has side effects. I prefer you take it at 6 pm before bed time so you will be strong the next day.

  49. hzor.html says:

    Had a dream last eve… In a field with an unknown man… “things” were in these fields but as I would turn to look back, “things” were gone… the things missing happened 3 times and started to wonder if This man, thought I may have had something to do with “Things” missing. Looked to my right and see a Black wolf coming into the area of where we were. Pointed to the black wolf and the man ran so much faster than I and wanted to hide in a “SAFE” ??? I watched him run before me leaving me behind. I, then turned and the Black wolf was approaching me face to face. I, felt fear but also, a defeat of sorts. I raised my hands and stood my ground facing this mud covered face of the black wolf. I, stated whoa, He stopped, slight growl and I repeated again… He stood his ground and we faced each other. Any thoughts?

  50. Love these jeans. The zippers and tiny distressed details are perfection!

  51. says:

    This is some righteous shit right here. Great.

  52. This was awesome when I first heard it and I am glad the link is still here! 2013 and I’m still bobbing the dome to this. Love it.

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  54. Me and my wife we have been together for almost five years now, and we have been blessed with a very beutifull daughter , but on 11december 2013 we went for a routine check as she is pregnant again for about seven month and she tested positive and I was negative and we never used protection , so what are my chances of being HIV+ after I repeat the test in three month time?

  55. I have been using odimune for a year now so they gave me atroiza and I only realize when I arrieve at should I go back to the clinic and show them or ask if they make mistake or should I just carry on?

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  57. I am currently on Odimune, and eczema is slowly fading away, but for the past 3 days, my tummy’s running…

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  74. last month i tested positive and my cd4 count is 391 and i have a 3yrs old child i was negative when i was pregnant so i am confussed about my cd4 count

  75. says:

    When my mother was in labor for 36 hours she and my grandmother looked out the window at the same time and watched a coyote come out of a bush look at the pair of them then transformed into a bald eagle and flew away. Since then I have spoken to a shaman and he said they witnessed the trickster watching over my birth.

  76. r0oh.html says:

    Pero pag nagartista yan dito tulad ni Puerto Rico Dayanara Torres madaming Pinoy magiging fans niyan hahaha. Babaw nating mga Pinoy.

  77. Hi i jst need to know how dangerous is it if i dnt proceed with the tablet named norstan isonniazid.i have been diagnosed to hiv and my doctor told me my cd4 count is down to 295.i am afraid to start it posible for it to be up again without taking treament?i am just so afraid.please help

  78. says:

    Wrote that before you added your second comment, Cos- hope you feel better.

  79. vhmv.html says:

    I started tribuss two weeks back and im still taking my vitamin supplements. I just want to know if i must stop taking vitamins or continue while taking tribuss?

  80. cool u guys rock!!!! #acmelabsrock!!1

  81. Is this tablet atrovia still the same as Atripla as my didn’t tell me that is changing me to this tablet! Please I’m worried

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    You are wonderful, David Garrett! Thank you!

  83. If u have already lost wait do u go back to o usually wait o u stay like that forever, and i’d like to know if u take atrizonia its a must to get sick to have headaches and rash

  84. says:

    My question is how long can a person with HIV lives while taking the treatment ? And this change of medication why is it done, why can’t we take one for life time?

  85. says:

    How can a HIV positive person have a baby with a man that is negative?

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    Hello, I am HIV positive am on Septrin and if I have unprotected sex, can i transfer HIV to my partner?

  88. I start atroiza last month but every morning my feet they are always itching

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    I have been using atripla from 2011 December is it wise to change to Atroiza and what are the side effects

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    I.M a 38 and HIV + and on ARV’s since from 2008 is it possible for me to have a healthy baby without infecting my wife?

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